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What are the benefits of using stainless steel?
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The benefits of using steel are huge. It has great aesthetics, and multi-purpose, can be used at low temperature and high temperature. As a metal, it has passivation layer formed by oxide to prevent corrosion. The surface makes it a very durable product with a long life cycle. The durability of steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing its integrity, so long-term value is sustainable. Weight strength advantages and ease of manufacturing make it a wide range of ideal products range of application.

What are the exciting developments for stainless steel?
Yes, there is an exciting steel version being released, core 1.4622. This new version is a cheap alternative to everyday steel. The 304-liter iron core 1.4622 is called ferritic steel and has excellent durability in daily use. I look forward to it because it is great. The development of the steel industry has taken another substantial step forward.

So which industry / industry is most used?
The uses of stainless steel are so extensive and vary from industry to industry. Construction companies use steel because of its strong strength and flexibility. They can use it in various architectural applications, including handrails, siding, roof and exterior walls. Chemicals, oil and gas, food processing, power generation and nuclear energy industry that provides stainless steel to the stainless steel industry in standard products or other ways of laser cutting processing parts.

The medical industry requires stainless steel to be corrosion resistant, and Easy to disinfect, products include orthopedic beds, cabinets and checklist. These multiple uses make stainless steel a versatile material.

Are there any emerging industries that are using stainless steel?
The number of cars and utility vehicles has increased significantly industry. The original use of stainless steel in automobiles was purely for cars exhaust. But recently this industry has been using stainless steel Within the vehicle structure. As one of the largest independent companies Global steel distributors, this is a very exciting prospect, We are very happy to be involved.

Online stores have achieved great success in achieving digital goals supply chain. It not only helps to increase the sides of stainless steel Business, but also the entire Kloeckner. Now we can buy our steel Create great flexibility for our customers anytime, anywhere Directly contribute to our steel sales. The future of steel is bright, and there is a lot of enthusiasm to know Steel is the main material in great demand.