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  • What is Titanium?

    What is Titanium?


    Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. Titanium is resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine...

  • What are the benefits of using stainless steel?

    What are the benefits of using stainless steel?


    The benefits of using steel are huge. It has great aesthetics, and multi-purpose, can be used at low temperature and high temperature. As a metal, it has passivation layer formed by oxide to prevent corrosion. The surface makes it a very durable product with a long life cycle. The durability of steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing its integrity, so long-term value is sustainable...

  • What is stainless steel?

    What is stainless steel?


    "Stainless steel" is the general term for stainless steel. It requires at least 10.5% chromium. The chromium content in steel is very important because it will form a thin layer of chromium oxide on the metal surface to prevent metal corrosion and use. We stock a large number of grades to Adapt to projects of all sizes and complexity.Stainless steel is an iron alloy with a chromium content of at least 10.5%...

  • 5 steel uses you may not know

    5 steel uses you may not know


    We know a lot about steel. The largest multi-metal shareholder and distributor independent of the factory, we are proud of our extensive expertise and knowledge in the steel and metals industry. Steel is one of the most widely used materials and can be used in construction, engineering, agriculture and automobile manufacturing...