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5 steel uses you may not know
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We know a lot about steel. The largest multi-metal shareholder and distributor independent of the factory, we are proud of our extensive expertise and knowledge in the steel and metals industry. Steel is one of the most widely used materials and can be used in construction, engineering, agriculture and automobile manufacturing. More than 50% of the world ’s products come from steel and steel manufacturing processes. It is estimated that more than 20 billion tons of steel are currently in use!
It is not surprising that steel has various properties and usability. Steel is an ingredient in many different applications. But not only steel benefits from construction, automobiles and engineering. We have researched steel uses that you may not know.
Brew beer If you are a fan of cold beer, then you will become a fan of stainless steel! Stainless steel is the best material of all types including beer, coffee and tea, but it is especially good at brewing beer, producing the best and most enhanced flavor. This is because stainless steel does not change during the brewing process, and therefore does not interfere with the original flavor of beer.
Food storage do you know? There are more than 1,500 different foods in steel packaging. That's because steel food containers and packaging eliminate the need for preservatives! They are the most tamper-proof and safest choice in food packaging, which makes people full of confidence in the supply of food.
computer Yes, 25% of ordinary computers are made of steel!
Steel is often used as a computer case due to its durability and sound insulation quality.
health Stainless steel soap, anyone?
Therefore, they may not kill bacteria or bacteria, but it is said that stainless steel has the characteristics of neutralizing strong smells, such as garlic, onions and fish from your hands. The sulfur in these foods will attract and combine with a metal in stainless steel. The formation of these compounds makes stainless steel stainless.
Why not try it next time in the kitchen! music To be precise, it is still the sweet voice of the piano! You may not associate steel with the beautiful sound of the piano, but in fact, strong materials are needed to handle the tension and vibration required to create music. The strings found in the piano or piano cord are made of high carbon steel. The product has a high strength and viscosity-very suitable for withstanding continuous tension and vibration.